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Why Personal Training?

After an injury, a progressive rehabilitation process is necessary to return to optimal health and fitness. Your Revamp Personal trainer is a comprehensive guide to that recovery, encompassing not only injury specific exercises, but total body strength and conditioning and nutritional guidance. 
Personal training from Revamp PT allows you to customise and cater your training, nutrition and mindset to optimise your recovery.  At Revamp PT we integrate health and fitness into your lifestyle by providing you with a training program designed specifically for you with the exercise knowledge and training required to maximise your functionality. 
Personal training benefits include:
  • Improved recovery time
  • Improved strength
  • Improved cardiovascular capacity
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Improved overall function
  • Improved body composition, including lean mass, fat mass, blood lipid profiles, and insulin sensitivity
  • Accelerated return to employment and sport
  • Improved education, knowledge, and lifestyle integration of health and fitness


1 on 1 with a Personal Trainer or Exercise Physiologist:
30 mins - $50 
45 mins - $65
60 mins - $75
Our Instructors:

Revamp PT Instructors  :


Luke Currey - B.AppSc (Ex&SpSc) 

Luke began his health and fitness journey at the age of 16 when he started training at the gym, taking the time to extend and enhance his understanding of the human body. Science came easily to Luke and upon graduating secondary school, Luke commenced study at The University Of Sydney undertaking a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise & Sport Science), majoring in Rehabilitation. In the pursuit to further his education and experience, Luke began a Masters of Exercise Physiology in 2016.
With his eagerness to learn, vast knowledge and first-hand experience from world-class leaders in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, health and the fitness industry, Luke has been able to apply his broad knowledge of functional anatomy, exercise physiology, muscle mechanics and human biomechanics to improve the lives of many injured individuals. 


Dan Carter - Dip. Fitness, Dip. Personal Nutrition

Dan has been involved in a number of aspects of the fitness industry for over a decade. Dan has a Diploma of Fitness and is registered as a Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor with Fitness Australia.   He has studied with, learned from, and continues to work with leading Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Physiotherapists, Fitness Educators, Kinesiologists and countless other fitness professionals.  Dan has trained in martial arts and resistance training.  
Dan will draw upon his extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology to counter the imbalances of improper training. Dan will assist you with recovery or improving your health, fitness and performance generally.

Exercise Physiologist Instructors:

Alexandra Kookarkin - Exercise Physiologist ESSAM AEP, B.Sc(Exercise), B.Com, APMA Level 3 Pilates